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Roofing Agreement


  • Roofing Agreement must be completed before the job will start.

  • On the Roofing Agreement, next to options please select material type and color.

  • Please sign, date and return form as soon as possible. You may fax, email, or mail your roofing agreement. Please call first if you would like to drop the agreement off. Jobs are completed by order date of signed contract.


Time Frame


  • Time Frame given is always an estimate.

  • Time Frame is based on the day you confirm agreement.

  • Once we are on the job we stay until it is completed.

  • Weather plays a big part in our schedule and can affect the time frame.


Starting a Job


  • We try our best to give a couple days notice when planning to start a job but can be as close as the day before we arrive.


  • When arriving, a foreman should introduce himself. You may direct any questions or concerns to the foreman. Ryan Parraghi (owner) will also frequent the job site throughout the process. You may also contact the office with any questions or to arrange to speak to Ryan at any time during the process. 


Preparation & Cleanup


  • Please cut your grass closest to the house prior to our start date as it does insure a better cleanup. We cleanup the job site, landscaping, and gutters as well as possible. You may notice granules washed out from your downspouts after a tear off is done after it rains.


  • If your project is a tear off, we will bring a dump trailer in and place it closest to the house on the driveway. It is advised that vehicles be removed from the garage ahead of time. You may want to secure loose items on walls, remove breakables landscaping ornaments, and cover items stored in attics. There will be a lot of banging and shaking and this tends to shake down loose dust and debris in attics. We take care to protect the outside of your home and landscaping during the process.


  • It is important that your house is properly ventilated and insulated. If it is not, even with a new roof, it can lead to ice dams (An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof.), leaking and deteriorating roof materials. Chimneys, siding and windows are other areas that homeowners see leaking. If you feel there are potential problem areas please let the estimator know, so that they might be able to evaluate those areas and/or recommend other contract work if necessary. Soffit vents should be clear and unplugged of insulation.


Shingles vs. Metal Roof


  • If you are having shingles installed, you may notice that they initially look wavy upon installation. Occasionally, due to memory in the bundles, some shingles may initially appear wavy after installation, but they will seal and flatten down with time.


  • If a metal roof is being installed it may be recommended that a bigger 6” gutter be installed. You may also need an ice rail or ice hooks over high traffic areas where snow and ice can slide off of your roof. It is not necessary on all roofs and is addressed case by case.


Satellite Dish


  • If you have a satellite dish and are having a shingle roof installed your dish will be removed and reinstalled in the same place, although we cannot guarantee exact placement and you might need to contact your provider to readjust the dish.


  • If you are having a metal roof installed you will need to contact your provider to have it placed on a post or off of the side of your home.




  • We do not take any money down. Once your job is complete we ask for payment in full, as indicated on the signed contract. If you are present at the time of completion of the installation and are able to, the foreman should do a walk around on the ground with you. Please let him know at that time if you have any questions or areas of concern.


Payment Options


  • Check – Once satisfied you may pay the foreman by check and you will receive a receipt packet by mail. This packet will include a survey and paid return envelope, we greatly appreciate all feedback provided.


  • Bank Account/Credit Card -We can also send an invoice through email, which has a link that allows you to pay directly from your bank to ours or with a credit card. Keep in mind that if you are paying with a credit card there will be a 3% processing fee. The paid receipt will have warranty information and tax credit eligibility on it.


  • Submit a copy of the paid receipt to your insurance company to receive any discounts available for your type of new roof.




  • Please let us know if a previous customer has referred us. We have a $100 referral incentive, which will be paid to them once your payment is received.



What you can expect.

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